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5th Annual 
First Responder Mental Health Conference
Friday, February 23, 2024

Your mental health is important.  The mental health of ALL first responders and their families is important.  This includes the rookies all the way to the 20+ year veterans.  Police officers, firefighters, EMS, dispatchers, and corrections officers experience critical incidents every day.  You all are at risk for developing PTSD, stress, and depression.  In addition to firsthand trauma, you are also at risk for secondary trauma.    


What are your options if you are experiencing symptoms?  How does your involvement in critical incidents and traumatic experiences affect your spouse and kids?  Would financial stability reduce your stress?  As a leader, how do you support your officers, firefighters, EMS personnel and correction officers? We have invited culturally competent speakers (see profiles below) to join us to discuss these important topics. 

Backing The Blue - Denton invites you and your spouse/significant other to attend the 5th annual STATUS CHECK - First Responder Mental Health Conference on February 24, 2024 in Denton, Texas.  Your registration includes breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. 


Have you checked your status recently?

Status Check - Save the date (3).jpg

We have partnered with Embassy Suites in Denton to reserve a block of rooms for just $169 per night (Feb 22nd and 23rd). Guests can book rooms for your block by calling the hotel directly at (940) 243-3799 and referencing the Backing the Blue Denton 2024 rate, or booking online.  All reservations need to be guaranteed by each individual with a credit card, advanced payment, or guaranteed room and tax.  Each individual is responsible for their own reservations, and any service charges or cancellation fees incurred.

Use this link to reserve your room!  This link is good until 01/23/2024 only.


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