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First Responder Resources


Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement -Gilmartin

Increasing Resilience in Police & Emergency Personnel- Conn

Addiction and Recovery in First Responders- Prochniak

Bulletproof Spirit- Willis

The Body Keeps Score- Kolk

Getting Past Your Past- Shapiro

Resilience Training for Firefighters-Deppa

When the Laughter Dies- Barnes

Fight or Flight - Young

When Every Word Counts - Young


Spouse Book Resources

I Love A Cop - Kirschman

Hold The Line - Doyle

His Badge, My Story-Gustafson

First Responder Families - Glenn




A Badge of Honor

The Proud Police Wife 

The 911 Strong

Policing Matters

Things Police See: First Hand Accounts

Cop Life

The Officer Autumn Show

Watch Your Six

Sheepdog Nation

The Squad Room

Out of the Darkness and Into the Blue

The Tactical Breakdown

Intuitive Sheepdog

Behind the Shield

The Firefighter Toolbox

The Volunteer Firefighter 

Multiple Calls 

Ignited Firefighter 


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